Anti-aging mogul Bryan Johnson is the ‘human guinea pig’ in the $25K-per-shot experiment

Bryan Johnson, the 46-year-old tech mogul who spends $2 million a year to get the body of an 18-year-old, flew to an island in Honduras for a radical new gene therapy that claims to increase muscle mass and bone density while reducing. body fat — at a cost of $25,000 per treatment.

Johnson, whose anti-aging regimen includes counting erections at night and exchanging blood with his son, was part of a group that volunteered to undergo a genetic enhancement technique offered by startup company Minicircle Inc., which is backed by billionaire tech mogul Peter. Thiel and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

He told Bloomberg News that gene therapy has the potential to allow him to achieve his goal of living to the age of 200.

We built the basics with diet, exercise, sleep and all the things we knew we needed to do, Johnson told Bloomberg. But that won’t get me to 200 years old. Gene therapies hold promise for doing just that.

Johnson’s treatment allowed him to tear his T-shirt in half with his hands, though he added that he has yet to set any new endurance or exercise records.

Bryan Johnson recently underwent gene therapy treatment. Bryan Johnson/Instagram

He said he plans more gene therapy injections whose benefits he hopes will accrue over time.

It’s mixed over time, Johnson told Bloomberg News.

I expect that in the next few months hell will start to notice things.

While the company is based in Austin, Texas, its main facility operates out of Roatn, a tropical island just off the coast of Honduras, according to Bloomberg News.

The therapy is administered by a company that operates from Roatn, a tropical island just off the coast of Honduras. madison500 –

The island was chosen because of lax regulations – a requirement for a treatment not yet approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Gene therapy aims to strengthen the body’s production of follistatin, a protein that activates a process in the body that leads to an increase in muscle production.

Minicircle’s claims that gene therapy can lead to increased longevity have been met with skepticism by scientists who say no studies have been done to support the claim.

Minicircle Inc., backed by billionaire tech mogul Peter Thiel and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is conducting tests.

It has no evidence of work, makes no sense from a scientific point of view and probably kills a person by inducing cancer or liver failure, Christin Glorioso, a doctor and neuroscientist who criticizes the therapies of gene, wrote in his newsletter.

According to Minicircle, the therapy introduces new genetic instructions into a human cell.

The introduction of follistatin “improved tissue composition and extended the lifespan of healthy mice by 34%,” according to the company.

Johnson hopes gene therapy will bring him closer to his goal of reaching the age of 200. Instagram/@bryanjohnson_

“It has marked health-enhancing effects and has been shown in early human studies to increase bone density and muscle mass, reduce body fat, improve insulin sensitivity and cholesterol.

The company says it conducted a trial in which 44 people between the ages of 23 and 89 saw their genetic age decrease by 11 years on average.

We also saw improvements in muscle mass, bone density, a reduction in body fat and a general sense of well-being, Mac Davis, a co-founder of Minicircle, told Bloomberg News.

Davis hopes that Johnson, who has gained a cult following online through his highly publicized and documented Project Blueprint anti-aging regimen, will pay attention to the company in hopes of attracting more clients.

Johnson has gained a cult following thanks to his intense anti-aging regimen. _bryan_johnson_/Tick

Minicircle did not pay Johnson for the treatment despite the fact that Johnson is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

He is the most high-profile person to come here, Davis told Bloomberg News.

Bryan gave us something more than what we paid him for.

Johnson recently told Vanity Fair that he is entertaining the thought of running for president. He also revealed that he was with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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