Fisherman catches 12-foot shark walking it back to sea in wild video: ‘Must have a death wish’

A Florida fisherman showed off a “ball of steel” after walking a 12-foot giant hammerhead shark back into the ocean after it accidentally capsized. Footage of the “Jaws”-dropping encounter is currently making waves online.

“I reeled it in as fast as I could, got it out of the water and gave it a proper release back into the ocean by swimming it into the surf,” Brandon Griffin, 23, told PEN News.

The South Florida mechanic regularly shares his fishing exploits on his Youtube page, @brandongriffin.

During his latest adventure, Griffin was fishing for sharks on a “secluded beach” in the Panhandle when he accidentally hooked a titan.

“I accidentally caught this hammerhead shark that ate my bait,” he explained, estimating that the animal measured about 12 feet in length.

As great hammerheads rarely survive being hooked — except for illegal landing or possession in Florida waters, according to state law — the Floridian knew he had to release the animal in as soon as possible.

It’s best to help them as much as you can, give them a proper release to ensure their safety,” said Brandon Griffin, 23. Brandon Griffin via Pen News

Hammers are very vulnerable and anything more than 45 minutes of fight time has to do with their health,” Griffin stated. If I even think that whatever is eating my bait might be a hammerhead, I will do everything I can to get it as fast as I can to make sure the hammer is released and swims away safely.

Footage filmed by friend and fellow angler Gage Wheaton shows the Floridian tossing the shark into shallow water after an epic tug-of-war.

Then, Griffin and Wheaton surprisingly wandered into the surf zone, grabbed either side of the behemoth like a kayak, and escorted it into deep water.

The clip ends with the hammer swimming in the open ocean while the two friends cheer and shout for what appears to be a successful release.

Griffin and company didn’t go into the water for social media power, but to make sure the shark was released safely. Brandon Griffin via Pen News

All told, the total fight lasted about 22 minutes from hooking the animal to freeing it, according to Griffin.

Needless to say, social media was awed by their hammer rehabilitation efforts.

Perfect balls of steel, wrote one commenter under a picture of the animal, while another exclaimed the most epic picture I’ve ever seen.

Im definitely not that brave myself but man, its beautiful,” commented the third.

However, others accused the fisherman of needlessly risking his life.

“That’s the reason why women live longer than us,” joked a comedian on social media. Another bluntly said: “He has a death wish.”

Griffin reels in hammerhead sharks. Brandon Griffin via Pen News

In fact, it seems silly to enter the water with a giant hammerhead, which is the largest of all hammerheads, growing up to 18 feet long and weighing over 500 pounds.

Still, Griffin admits he’s being extra careful.

“Always have two people in the water to help you release it, he advised. Keep the hands away from the mouth located under the hammer heads.”

The Florida fisherman adds to make sure the shark doesn’t swim up and knock you off your feet, which he admits happened to him once.

“I pulled it as hard as I could, unhooked it from the water and gave it a proper release back into the ocean by swimming it past the surf,” said Griffin, who estimated the incident lasted about 22 minutes from capture. to be released. Brandon Griffin via Pen News

In general, anglers feel as though large hammerheads are unfairly maligned because of “how big they are.”

“I’ve helped release some hammers and they really don’t mean any harm,” Griffin stated. I’m not worried about the hammers, even in the wild.

He added, “I’m more scared to think what’s after this shark, like a really big bull shark or a tiger shark.

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