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Hello there! Since most of you left the Shore, a bushy-tailed red fox has found its way to the streets and beaches of Ventnor and has a rabbit population on high alert.

Whales are wrecking on the beaches of Stone Harbor and Margate, and bald eagles are hanging out in Ventnor Heights.

Let’s just say it’s been a wild offseason. Wild and, as Decembers down the Shore usually are, stunning. This week, those torrential downpours gave way to an afternoon that drenched coastal towns. in a pink light.

In Ventnor, in that happy marriage of tilting the suns axis and Absecon Islands slightly angle from northeast to southwest, the sunsets are right in front of you as you walk towards Margate on the boardwalk. Or at least in front of me, like I did. Most of you are not here. Sunshine!

This time of year, it’s nice to work in obscurity, but something needs to be marked as present. The polar bear falling on New Year’s Day at the Shore is a way for locals to shout at the world when they least expect it.

I wrote here about another winter tradition: putting up Christmas trees on the beach. It became very popular, really THINGS, especially in Ocean City, where trees take on all kinds of meanings, from pets to whales to international peace. I’m in favor of three. Not sure how I feel about populating beaches this way, because I think I prefer the winter beach left to its own devices. But you know, I’m not going to complain about it.

Want to see for yourself? Here’s my guide to seeing all the Christmas trees in Ocean City on the beach.

Let me know what you think you want your offseason beaches bare and unadorned, or full of holiday sentiment? by replying to this email. Include your most interesting responses in a future newsletter.

The waves crashes as the familiar cycle of winter storms, floods, and erosion continues. Keep scrolling for all the news you missed.

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Talk to the beach

Winds of change: rsted has pulled the plug on its plans to build two large wind farms off the Jersey shore.

Wine change: The so-called controversial Ocean City Winery, barred from Upper Township, now plans to make wine there but sell it in Somers Point.

Atlantic City Real Estate Part 1: How about a one-story penthouse palace for $10.9 million? Philanthropists Gary Hill and John Schultz are putting their nine-story property at 1616 Pacific Ave., where they live and work in epic opulence, up for sale.

Atlantic City Real Estate Part 2: OK, the $10 million between the Pacific and Mt. Vernon Avenues for you? How about a new floating home/office/Airbnb listed for $79,000?

Atlantic City Real Estate Part 3: Just listed is the iconic Joseph Milano house in the shadow of the Tropicana, one of Atlantic Citys legendary holdouts who fought the Tropicanas attempt to take over his property. Buy a piece of history at 1 South Brighton Ave. for $950,000.

Almost there. AC Press’s Selena Vazquez asks, Where are all the strip clubs?

Aloha to the Royal Hawaiian Motel in Wildwood Crest, which was purchased for $13.3 million by Madison Resorts, which plans to merge it with the Oceanview Motel to build the largest resort in Cape May County.

Anthony’s in Sea Isle City purchased the Beachwood Restaurant at 8700 Landis Ave., the old Buschs restaurant recently operated by Chef Lucas Manteca. The old Anthony’s space at 4400 Landis will now become a second Blitzs Market.

Continuous smoke: The New Jersey legislature continues to frustrate workers and others trying to finally rid casinos of smoking.

Ocean City Council trying to find out how many millions of dollars they currently owe the Klause brothers.

What to eat/What to do

Jitney crawled. This Saturday, December 23, jump on a jitney and walk from the Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall to the bars of Ocean, Resort, Ballys, and Tropicana, and end at the always festive, but especially today, Irish Pub.

Dave and Busters open in Atlantic City, inside Jay-Zs former 40/40 Club. Here is a preview.

Drowning. Take advantage of deeply discounted prices at Showboats $100 million Island Waterpark. It is open every day during Christmas week. What started at an advertised $99 for a daily admission can now be had for $19.99.

Ring a rhyming 2024 on the Shore with all kinds of options, including all the casinos of course, with Gatsby-themed party at Claridge, disco-themed party at Waterpark, and GATTSO at HQ2 Nightclub at Ocean. For the tamer crowdthere’s Ocean City’s First Night Celebration and Hammonton’s Giant Blueberry Drop.

Do it now. Pick a Shore town (Margates is epic) and do a polar bear plunge in the New Year.

New pub alert. Get bourbon apple glazed wings at AC’s new Kings Pub, which replaces the old Pic-a-Lilli Pub on Tennessee Avenue.

live in AC in these new midtown apartments. Or this.

Shore snapshot

Vocab lesson

Justine Time to Vote 4 Mara Pieproper noun. An oil and garlic pizza with blackened chicken, spinach, and balsamic glaze, served at Costellos, the pizzeria that puts their weight behind it. the favorite Jersey Shores contestant on The Voice, Mara Justine. Oh, Mara is third.

Trivia time

Less than two months after canceling two wind projects in New Jersey, it installed the first of its wind turbines for another wind farm. Where will these turbines generate wind power?

A. Rhode Island

B. Long Island

C. North Carolina

D. England

If you think you know the answer, click on this story to find out.

Lived locally with whaling captain Paul Eidman

Earlier this fall, I took a whale-watching trip with charter boat captain Paul Eidman, founder of Menhaden Defenders and a supporter of Anglers for Offshore Wind. He spoke passionately about the whales (we saw a couple), the recovery of the menhaden population, which the whales feed on, and how the wind energy projects (in the past) planned for New Jersey’s oceans are important .

You used to have a lot of support from fellow anglers for wind power. What happened?

We had five years of support, then suddenly it became politicized. Many of the fishermen are conservative. I lost everything. Everything is gone.

Why do the antis, as you call them, seem to have power?

We blew it. No one outside screams like them. Those people will wake up angry. They protest, press.

You can be confident that the force of the wind will save, not harm, the whales.

The sea is dying before our eyes. Do I want to see iron in the water? Absolutely not. But it’s the fastest way to get us enough renewables to feed the system

Five days after our story, rsted pulled the plug on the New Jersey plans. I went back to Eidman. As usual, he didn’t pull any punches.

What does the first pulling the plug on their wind farms in Jersey mean in your estimation?

Canceling these two projects in NJ means more polluted air and water, less good local jobs, less energy independence, and more frequent and powerful storms. Our future generations are counting on us to fight for their future!

Read our full whale story (with video!) here.

Your Shore memory

From Patricia Morris, remembers the Holiday Snack Bar in Beach Haven. Of course, the HSB still exists, but continues to make a lot of head demands from the municipality.

My first and fondest memories of Beach Haven are at HSB. My grandparents, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and siblings would all go to HSB for lunch on the hottest, hottest days. I can still hear my grandmother at the top of the dunes yelling for my sister and I to come from the beach to have lunch at HSB. I ran faster for that than for ice cream! A double cheeseburger and a black and white shake (this was before the days of fries, onion rings, grilled cheese, etc.) and a slice of Lady Lord Baltimore. Grandma always got the aspic tomato which wasn’t the kid’s favorite. In the past decade, the new generation has been sitting outside, looking at the BH water tower, devouring Jetty Burgers (not me, I’m still double cheese!) and Oreo shakes. HSB is the Shore for me, part of its heartbeat and we are in our sixth generation this summer.

I always thought I would retire in Beach Haven. After the antics of HSB towns, I’m rethinking that decision.

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