Roger Williams Park Zoo is playing a key role in reintroducing the Red Wolf into the wild

Like a parent watching their children go off to college, Jenny Theuman will have mixed emotions when a pair of red wolves and their two cubs will soon be moved from the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence to the Akron Zoo in Ohio.

He will miss them, but he will also feel proud to witness them mature and know how much they contribute to their species. Finally, a family of red wolves is being relocated to Ohio as part of a long-term, multimillion-dollar effort to return critically endangered wolves to the wild.

“I’m especially going to miss Bev, but I’m excited for her,” said Theuman, who is the zoo’s animal care manager.

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In April, Brave gave birth to two puppies, Sentinel and Sabina. It was the second litter for her and their father, Diego. In May 2022, Brave gave birth to the cubs’ older sister, Saluda.

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