SNP Therapeutics launches Genate: The First Gene-Guided Precision Nutrition Solution for the Prenatal Market

KANNAPOLIS, NC, December 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SNP Therapeutics Inc announced today that it is launching a line of prenatal nutrition products to complement its Genate Test, a prenatal genetic screening test. Genate Prenatal Nutrition enables women to optimize their nutritional plan based on gene variants related to nutritional metabolism. This new line of nutritional products was created by a team led by Dr. Steven ZeiselMD, PhD, seeks to provide genetics-informed, appropriate nutritional solutions to women before, during, and after pregnancy.

“We created Genate Prenatal Nutrition because nutritional needs during pregnancy can vary from one woman to another,” said. Jon Clew, CEO of SNP Therapeutics. “Much of this difference is due to genetics. With the Genate Prenatal Genetic Test and Genate’s new nutrition line, women have powerful new tools to help them support their pregnancy nutrition plans .”

Common gene variants can affect nutrient metabolism and increase requirements for certain nutrients, but national recommendations do not take these differences into account. Until now, prenatal nutrition has been one-size-fits-all, leaving women to guess whether they need more specific nutrients. Genate takes the guesswork out of providing women with an evidence-based plan tailored to their genetics and nutrition to support their unique needs.

Using a machine learning algorithm, the Genate Test evaluates 22 functional genes for 325 variants (known as SNPs) in one carbon nutrient pathways critical for maternal health and fetal cognitive development. It also identified SNPs in the metabolic pathways of nine vitamins and minerals that play an important role in pregnancy. The Genate Report provides gene-based nutritional recommendations for each client, addressing their unique metabolic needs.

Genate Nutrition has launched the Essential Prenatal Nutrition dietary supplement, designed to provide women with a comprehensive base formulation. Genate Essential Prenatal is 100% vegan, free of 10 common allergens, third party tested for purity, and manufactured in an FDA, cGMP inspected facility. It is formulated to provide women with 20 key nutrients for a healthy pregnancy, including a carbon nutrient to support fetal cognitive development and a probiotic to promote healthy gut flora.

“My research team discovered the importance of one carbon nutrients and their role in optimal brain development. The proper level of these nutrients is critical during pregnancy in the development of stem cells and neurons that form the brain of properly and to provide cognitive benefits that can be seen in school-aged children. Many women have genetic challenges that affect how they metabolize these nutrients needed by their developing children. baby. These mothers need to know that they have these challenges, and the Genate Prenatal Genetic Test can alert mothers and their healthcare providers to their special The Genate Prenatal Nutrition line of products was developed based on our genetic research and will give mothers the ability to optimize their prenatal nutrition plans based on their individual genetic profile,” said Steven ZeiselMD, PhD.

The Genate Prenatal Nutrition line also includes single nutrient supplements so each client can choose exactly what they need based on their genetic profile. In addition, Genate’s registered dietitians help women optimize their prenatal nutrition by developing customized meal plans based on their genetics, lifestyle, and preferences.

To learn more and access their genetic and nutritional products, visit the Genate’s website. Order the Genate Test and the Essential Nutrition subscription bundle to receive the first month of nutrition free.

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Founded by Dr. Steven Zeisel, MD, PhD, SNP Therapeutics provides screening tests to identify genetic variants that cause nutritional metabolism disorders. With genetic testing, SNP Therapeutics seeks to identify subpopulations that would benefit from nutritional therapies. Our continued research and innovation in genetics will lead to discoveries in metabolism to support our mission to improve human health and enable new therapeutic options that unlock the potential of gene-guided nutrition.

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