Scientists fear that ‘ZOMBIE’ deer disease could spread to HUMANS after the first case of a deadly brain virus that infects animals and does not fear humans was detected in Yellowstone National Park.

Scientists have warned that the virus, called 'Zombie deer disease,' could spread to humans.  A biologist is pictured removing lymph nodes from deer to test them for chronic wasting disease

Scientists have warned that a virus called ‘Zombie deer disease’ could spread to humans after the first case was found in Yellowstone National Park last month. The deadly brain virus, …

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Can a nuke save us from a deadly asteroid? Scientists have created simulations that show what would happen if a nuclear bomb were to detonate a space rock orbiting Earth.

The model shows the bomb landing on the asteroid, exploding and sending a burst of energy shooting through the cosmic matter.

The team used an AI-powered simulation to see if a nuke would intercept an asteroid The team found that energy spreads through the rock in space READ MORE: How NASA’s …

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China’s top-secret spaceplane emits powerful signals over North America – months after the US shot down a Chinese spy balloon that collected intelligence from military sites

China's top-secret spaceplane deployed five unidentified objects into orbit after last week's launch, which are now sending powerful signals back to Earth.  Pictured is a shot of the spaceplane in orbit

A secret Chinese spaceplane that launched into orbit last week is sending strong signals to North America. The craft – called Shenlong after the spirit dragon from Chinese mythology – …

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