Scientists fear that ‘ZOMBIE’ deer disease could spread to HUMANS after the first case of a deadly brain virus that infects animals and does not fear humans was detected in Yellowstone National Park.

Scientists have warned that the virus, called 'Zombie deer disease,' could spread to humans.  A biologist is pictured removing lymph nodes from deer to test them for chronic wasting disease

Scientists have warned that a virus called ‘Zombie deer disease’ could spread to humans after the first case was found in Yellowstone National Park last month. The deadly brain virus, …

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Climate Crisis Claims Over 100 Elephants in Zimbabwe’s Largest National Park

Climate Crisis Claims Over 100 Elephants in Zimbabwe's Largest National Park

Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, home to approximately 45,000 elephants and a diverse array of wildlife, has witnessed a devastating loss of at least 100 elephants due to harsh effects …

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