The Chesapeake Bay Youth of the Year poll is a disaster

I recently received the results of the Maryland Young of the Year survey on striped bass and it was a disaster. The number is 1.02, the second lowest ever since 1954.

I think you can expect increased regulations for striped bass fishing in 2024, both recreational and commercial. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission will meet to discuss exactly what those regulations will be, and then the new rules will be released to the public. comment.

I still think they need to consider the fact that there have been more female striped bass in the Hudson River complex in the past few years than ever before. Those fish didn’t just fly from the sky. They have to come from somewhere, and it’s just possible that they came from the Chesapeake Bay. As global warming increases water temperatures, these large fish have moved north and are now spawning in the Hudson River complex rather than the Chesapeake Bay. At least that’s my theory. Who knows, next year we may have an extraordinary Chesapeake Bay Youth of the Year and once again the fish will make people look like fools.

A survey of summer caterpillars

Attention summer fishermen. Researchers in Virginia Tech’s Division of Fish and Wildlife Conservation are conducting a research study to learn more about the factors influencing the dynamics of random populations in the United States. They would love to hear your valuable insights and opinions on abundance, regulations and other topics. The online survey only takes five to 10 minutes to complete, and as a reward for your time at the end of the survey, you can enter a drawing for a $50 Cabela’s gift card (10 gift cards available). All responses are completely anonymous and confidential.

It is the website of the research Its:is the survey

I completed the survey and it only took a few minutes as advertised. In my case, my fishing has been off this year as I haven’t been out much due to a bad shoulder. I’ll be getting a new model in December and if all goes well I should be back in fishing shape by spring.

Good to see that Virginia Tech is interested in recreational fishing. Back when I lived in Virginia we were trying to get a tagging program going and the powers that be at Virginia Tech basically said that recreational anglers were too stupid to properly tag and record the correct information on the card. One of its own biologists suggested holding classes to teach the great antlers how to do the job properly, and the tagging program has been a huge success ever since.

Surf-fishing tournaments

I apologize for the slight delay, but I had two sets of results and needed to get the correct one from Clark Evans, president of the Delaware Mobile Surf-Fishermen. The tournament was held on October 8-9 in less than ideal fishing conditions.

In the overall division, Brian Hill finished first with a five-fish score of 61. Scott Aiken Jr. was second with a three-fish 37. In third place is Lloyd Meeks with 36 points with three fish.

The women’s division had only two winners. Meg Vinson was first with 18 points and Kelsey Syke was second with 13 points per fish.

Children’s Department –Each child was awarded a point for each eligible fish that was on the list but under the size limit.

Jace Griffith finished first with 17 points with four fish. In second place is Justin Toomey with two fish worth two points. Aiden Sparano finished third with one point on one fish.

Now for the big money fish. The Big Fish Calcutta was awarded to Christopher Barnhardt for a 17.5 inch drum worth $750.

The Bluefish Calcutta cost $1,190. That went to Scott Foltz for his 13-inch chopper. Jace Griffith had a 13.5-inch blue, but since he was a juvenile and couldn’t enter Calcutta, he was awarded an Akios Airloop R-10 spinning reel to catch the biggest bluefish.

The Kingfish Calcutta was a tie. Both Scott Aiken Jr. and Chris Linton caught a 12.5-inch kingfish, so they split the $1,130 prize.

Unlike the DMS surf-fishing tournament, the Assateague tournament is team-based. This year, the Delaware Mobile Surf-Fishing Club sent two teams to the event. Team #1 took first place with team members Jim Haug, Mike Walker, Darren Purcell, Scott Aiken Jr., Bob Dever and Essie Mankins.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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